Guidance & Counseling

  • Elementary

    The District provides social work and psychologist support for elementary students, if needed. These professionals will assist students with interventions related to academic, social, and/or personal issues.

    Middle School

    The role of middle school counselors is to enhance academic achievement by providing social and emotional support to students. The counselors work together with teachers, administrators, and parents to ensure students are able to set goals, problem-solve, and resolve conflicts to achieve academic and personal success. Students can schedule to meet with their assigned counselor in a variety of ways: by stopping by the Student Center before or after school or during lunch to request an appointment, by requesting to meet with their counselor through their teacher, or by completing a “Please Help” form that is available in all classes. Meeting with a counselor without an appointment is reserved for emergency situations only as evaluated by the counselor and administration.

    Each staff member is responsible for effectively guiding students under his/her supervision in order to provide early identification of intellectual, emotional, social, or physical needs, diagnosis of any learning disabilities, and development of educational potential. The District’s counselors offer counseling to those students who require additional assistance.

    Written permission from the parent/guardian is required for any ongoing social work and psychological services. Ongoing is defined as more than five contacts. That consent does not entitle the parent/guardian to know the contents of all that is discussed. School counselors, social workers, and psychologists will inform parents/guardians of all issues that pose a health and/or safety risk.