Preparing for Kindergarten

  • Parent Tips to Help Kindergartners Adjust to School

    Kindergarten teachers spend the first few weeks of school helping students become familiar with their surroundings. They also establish routines and reinforce behavior expectations.

    It’s a big transition time for both parents and students!

    How parents can help?

    Below are some tips from our teachers on what parents can do to help their young students at home:

    • Encourage them to be independent with things like putting on shoes, clothes & coats.
    • Praise them every day for good behavior and their hard work.
    • Work on letters and sounds
    • Help them learn to write their name (first letter upper case, the rest lower case)
    • Help them recognize numbers 0-10 and count to 20
    • Help them learn how to tie shoes
    • Expect students to help clean up at home and put things away
    • Establish a set bedtime
    • Encourage sharing and listening to others – adults and children their own age
    • READ, READ, READ together every day to encourage a love of reading!
    • Be part of your child’s day by going through their folder together and talking about what’s inside and asking about their day
    • Don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher if you have questions.
    • Be sure to attend upcoming curriculum nights to learn more about what's taking place in the classroom and what your child will be learning -- regardless of the grade