Remote Instruction for Students with Medical Needs

  • “Remote instruction will be available this year in some instances. Two requirements must be met.

    1. First, the student or someone in the student’s household has a unique medical condition [etc.].  A physician’s note will be required explaining the condition.
    2. Second, both the student and the person with the medical condition must be unable, for medical reasons, to obtain one of the vaccines. A physician’s note will be required explaining why neither person can receive the vaccine.

    Parents who want to apply for remote instruction should do so by Friday, July 30.

    Students who do qualify for continued remote instruction due to medical needs will also have the flexibility to resume in-person learning if their health situation changes and/or they are cleared by a physician to return to school.


    Remote instruction will look different than last school year. The material will focus on key subjects and the goals is still preparation for advancing to the next grade. Instructional time and methods, however, will be more limited than last year. The instructors will not be the same teachers as are meeting with in-person students. Your child’s principal will be happy to review these differences with you to help you with your decision.

    This program is still developing. You’ll hear more from us after you submit your application.