Two-Factor Authentication for Outlook Web Access


    Here’s how to set up 2FA on OWA

    Starting at 6 a.m. tomorrow – Wednesday, May 4 – two-factor authentication (2FA) will be required to access OWA, the web-based version of Outlook email. 

    Not everyone uses OWA. Those who only use the Outlook app installed on their devices will NOT be affected by this change. It will only impact those who use Internet browsers to access their Outlook email.

    There are two ways to set up 2FA for OWA:

    • DUO Mobile App: This is a mobile application you install on your smartphone to generate pass codes for logins. DUO is the District’s preferred approach to 2FA. It is free, small, and secure, as it has no access to change your phone’s settings. It also provides the required pass code without having access to Wi-Fi or cellular signals.

    • SMS Text Message: You can also set up your smartphone to receive 2FA pass codes via SMS text message. This does not require you to install an app on your phone, but you must have access to a Wi-Fi or cellular signal to receive the required pass codes. SMS text messages are also less secure because they are not encrypted.

    NOTE: If you already installed DUO last week and are still interested in using the DUO Mobile App, follow the DUO Mobile App instructions above. If you already installed DUO and want to use SMS instead, just delete the app and follow the SMS Text Message instructions above.