Two-Factor Authentication for Google


    Two-factor authentication is now required to access the District's Google platform. 

    This change affects EVERYONE!

    As of May 18, two-factor authentication is required to access the District’s Google platform.

    All BSD2 employees must set up two-factor authentication (2FA ) for Google according to the instructions posted at the link below:

    Once you complete these instructions, you’re set! Google 2FA will IMMEDIATELY be set up for your BSD2 account. Moving forward, 2FA will be required each time you log into the District’s Google platform.


    You will not have access to the District's Google platform. 

    If you DO NOT set up 2FA for Google by 6 a.m. Wednesday, May 18, you will be LOCKED OUT, and you will no longer be able to follow the instructions provided above to set up 2FA for Google on your device.

    Instead, you will have to contact Keith Lippoldt, Technology Coordinator, at to receive a temporary pass code. This pass code WILL NOT provide you access to the Google platform, either. Rather, it will allow you to set up 2FA access to the District's Google platform on your device. 

    Simply put: 2FA will be required to log into the District's Google platform. You will not be able to access the platform without it. 

    If you have any questions or concerns, or need assistance setting up 2Fa for your BSD2 Google account, please contact the Tech Support Specialists and/or Instructional Technology Specialists in your building.