School Bus Conduct & Safety

  • Riding the school bus is a privilege extended by the District. Students are expected to conduct themselves in an orderly manner while at the bus stop, while boarding the bus, and while riding the bus. Students are under the supervision of the bus driver and are expected to respect the authority of this adult as they would a teacher. All students are to be familiar with bus riding rules, as they will be riding the bus for field trips. 

    The following expectations apply to all students at all time while riding the bus:

    • All school behavioral expectations apply while riding the bus
    • Follow bus drivers’ directions immediately.
    • Use appropriate language at all times
    • Remain seated at all times
    • Talk quietly 
    • Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself 
    • No throwing objects or roughhousing.

    Students who repeatedly fail to follow bus safety expectations may be suspended from the bus for a period of time determined by the administration. Parents/guardians must provide alternative forms of transportation to and from school in the event of a bus suspension.

    Rules & Regulations for Student Riders

    • The school bus is an extension of the classroom. Gross disobedience or misconduct by a student will be reported to the proper school authority for disciplinary action.
    • Students are only allowed to ride their assigned bus to or from school. 
    • Only students with a bus pass are allowed to ride the late buses. 
    • Students will board and depart the bus only at their designated bus stop.
    • Students are not allowed to ride the bus to after-school activities such as staying at a friend’s house, scouts, music lessons, etc.
    • The driver will not wait for tardy students. 
    • All riders must be seated while the bus is in motion. They should face forward and talk quietly.
    • Windows should not be lowered beneath the stop lines on the window frames. 
    • Riders are not allowed to place their head or hands out of the windows.
    • Riders are not allowed to tamper with the bus or any part of its equipment.
    • Riders are not allowed to eat, drink, vape or smoke on the bus.
    • No physical contact, shoving, or hitting.
    • The aisles must be kept free of books, coats, instruments, and other items that are carried on the bus. These items should be placed in the student’s lap.
    • While at railroad crossings, it is important that all riders remain silent.
    • After leaving the bus, students should move a safe distance away from the vehicle, and never run alongside a moving bus.
    • The following are not permitted on the bus: pets/animals/insects/snakes (alive, dead, or fake), weapons (real or toy), glass containers, explosives, sharp-pointed objects, chemicals, tobacco, matches, lighters, illegal drugs or alcoholic products, gambling, selling of items, playing with toys, scooters, or skateboards. 
    • Music and musical instruments are not to be played on the bus. 
    • If any instrument or class project is too large to be held in the student’s lap, it is too large to be transported on the bus.
    • Emergency doors are to be used only in the event of an actual emergency and/or in a safety drill.