Welcome to Dual Language & Multilingual Education

  • Bensenville School District 2 offers English language and/or native language instruction to all English learners who are eligible to receive these services.

    Students who speak a language other than English or live in a home where a language other than English is spoken are identified through the home language survey. These students are screened to determine their English language proficiency level. This screening assessment takes place no later than 30 days after the beginning of the school year or 14 days after a student's enrollment based eligibility detailed on the chart below. Screening results are shared with the parents. A student who scores at or above a 4.8 composite on the Illinois-mandated ACCESS assessment is not eligible for services. (Click here for more information on ACCESS.)

EL Screening Criteria

  • EL students are taught in English and native language according to state requirements based on the number of students that speak the language at each school.


    TPI students receive instructional support through either the ESL endorsed classroom teacher or an EL specialist teacher. Literacy-based instruction aligns with classroom content with a focus on developing English language proficiency.

    TBE students receive instructional support through a bilingual-endorsed classroom teacher or EL specialist. The BSD2 core curriculum is taught using a simultaneous biliteracy approach. Building on the strengths of two languages supports students’ gradual and successful transition into an all English classroom environment by third grade.

    Grades K-8

    A Spanish-speaking student with lower levels of English proficiency may be placed in a bilingual classroom in grades K-3. These students will receive instruction in their native language and in English.

    English learner (EL) students with higher levels of English proficiency or students who speak languages other than Spanish may be placed in a general education classroom in grades K-3. These students receive instruction in English with extra support in English and/or native language, as needed per State of Illinois guidelines.

    English learner (EL) students in grades 4 – 8 receive support through a push-in and/or pull-out by a teacher who is bilingual and/or ESL certified or through an EL certified classroom teacher.

    The general education classroom teacher and EL specialist teacher are instructional partners that collaborate and plan instruction for EL students. This shared planning ensures the success of English learners both academically and in acquiring high levels of English language proficiency. Shared ownership and responsibility for all staff working with the EL student is a key predictor of student success. Instructional goals are targeted and aligned to standards both in the classroom and in small group instructional settings.

    Academic content instruction in the native language and in English along with content-based ESL instruction, accelerate academic and social language growth in reading, writing, listening and speaking.