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Social Emotional Learning

  • Bensenville School District 2 is committed to developing students’ fundamental social and emotional skills because of their impact on learning and success in life. Research shows that intra-personal, interpersonal, and decision-making skills are key to children’s readiness to learn, persist, collaborate, and make good choices. The teaching of such skills is done most effectively in schools with a safe, caring environment and by classroom teachers and other staff with whom students have ongoing relationships. Social emotional learning (SEL) in School District 2 is coordinated across the district and guided by the learning goals articulated in the Illinois Social and Emotional Learning Standards.  SEL is taught both by direct instruction and by taking advantage of natural opportunities and traditions throughout the school year. We embrace an embedded approach to SEL instruction so that students practice SEL skills on an ongoing basis and in organic opportunities throughout the school day and school year.

How do we define social and emotional learning (SEL)?

  • Researchers generally agree upon five key competencies of SEL (Durlak, Weissberg, Dymnicki, Taylor & Schellinger, 2011). These competencies provide the foundation for maintaining high-quality social relationships and for responding to the challenges of life.  


    • What are my thoughts and feelings?

    • What causes those thoughts and feelings?

    • How can I express my thoughts and feelings respectfully?


    • What different responses can I have to an event?

    • How can I respond to an event as constructively as possible?


    • How can I better understand other people’s thoughts and feelings?

    • How can I better understand why people feel and think the way they do?


    • How can I adjust my actions so that my interactions with different people turn out well?

    • How can I communicate my expectations to other people?

    • How can I communicate with other people to understand and manage their expectations of me?


    • What consequences will my actions have on myself and others?

    • How do my choices align with my values?

    • How can I solve problems creatively?

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