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BSD2 students team up with Nashville hitmaker to write and perform four new songs.

In mid-October, hit Nashville singer/songwriter Steve Seskin returned to District 2 to team up with students at all three BSD2 school to write and perform four news songs to add to the growing catalog of tunes written by District 2 students with Mr. Seskin’s assistance.

At Tioga, they wrote and performed "On the Road to Success," which features this catchy chorus: 

I don't give up when times get tough
I put my limits to the test
I stay on track
Don't get distracted
I keep doing my best
Every day, I'm on my way
On the road to success

And at Johnson, they wrote and performed "New Day," which goes like this:

Every day is a new day
Another chance to make a difference
Maybe even make some new friends
Along the way

Then at Blackhawk, the BMS Choir and Mr. Seskin were joined by Dina Bach, a Chicago-area bilingual sing/songwriter and former Spanish teacher. Together, they wrote two songs with multilingual versions that incorporate lyrics in Spanish and Polish.

First they wrote and performed "Shining Stars."

We're born to be shining stars
No telling how far we'll go
We're going to fly above the moon
Pretty soon everyone will know
What makes us different from everyone else
Is the fire in our hearts and our sense of self
That's just who we are
Shining Stars!

Their second song was titled "Not Every Hero."

Not every hero’s on the big screen
Not every hero wears a cape
Sometimes a simple act of kindness
Is all it takes to save the day
Everybody needs someone they can count on
To help ‘em overcome what they’re going through
Not every hero’s on the big screen
Sometimes the hero is you

This is the fifth year Mr. Seskin has visited District 2. The goal of his student songwriting program is to instill a love of creative expression in students, and to help them create their own songs that speak to issues that affect their entire school community, such as bullying, respect, peer pressure, diversity, and self-esteem.

“When students write their own song, they’re more apt to live by the words and quietly convince other students to do the same,” said Mr. Seskin.

To date, District 2 students have written 12 songs with Mr. Seskin, including the District 2 theme song, "I Belong."

District 2 will now take these four newest tunes to Nashville, where they, too, will be recorded by professional singers and musicians for release this spring.