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Photo of Tioga kindergartners

District 2 is proud to offer families a new program choice that will give students the opportunity to learn in both English and Spanish.

The District’s new two-way dual language program will begin next year at kindergarten and expand each year through fifth grade.

The program will blend native English and Spanish speaking students in the same classroom, where they will spend portions of the day learning in both languages from teachers using curriculum units that have been carefully planned with biliteracy objectives in mind. 

“The goal of the program is to reach high levels of academic achievement, bilingualism, and biliteracy in a safe, engaging learning environment,” said Kay Dugan, Assistant Superintendent for Learning. “It is designed to teach students a second language in a natural way through subject content instruction and everyday classroom conversation.”  

Within the two-way dual language program, kindergarteners will spend 80 percent of their instructional day learning in Spanish, and 20 percent in English. As they progress through the program, that 80/20 allocation will gradually shift to a 50/50 ratio. 

Participation in the new two-way dual language program is optional. 

Parents of incoming kindergartners will still be able to enroll their children in traditional kindergarten classes, or in the District’s existing bilingual program if their children qualify for those services. 

Enrollment in the new two-way dual language program will be based on the number of applications received during the kindergarten registration process, and will be limited to the number of students the program can effectively accommodate.