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HEALTHY START: Complete your child’s health exam and immunization records by August 19

Start the new school year right by submitting all the required health exams and immunizations to your child’s school by Friday, August 19.

Students will not be able to attend school after Friday, August 19, unless the required physical and updated immunizations are presented to the school.

The State of Illinois creates these requirements to protect everyone’s health. The submission deadline is August 19 instead of October 15 as in the past, so that everyone can be protected at the start of the year.

Your child might need an immunization or a physical, dental, or vision exam. Grade-by-grade requirements are listed at the following link: 

Bring your child’s completed State of Illinois Certificate of Child Health Examination Form to your school’s health office by Friday, August 19.

Forms are also available in your school’s health office.

This exam form must be dated within one year prior to the first day of school. It must also be completed and signed by a licensed healthcare provider, and it must include a diabetes screening and lead screening for children who are 6 years old or younger. A tuberculosis (TB) skin test is recommended. The Health History section of the form must be completed and signed by the parent/guardian.