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SIGN UP FOR SHIELD: Weekly COVID screening program returning for 2022-2023 school year

The SHIELD Illinois’ free saliva-based COVID screening program is set to return to all BSD2 schools this year. 

Enrollment is now open, and all students and staff are invited to participate in the program.

Anyone who participated in the program last year must register again to participate this year. 


The SHIELD Illinois COVID screening program will help BSD2 students and staff protect themselves and their community from COVID by the following advantages in our ongoing fight against COVID:

  • EASY: Your child will provide a saliva sample by spitting into a tube.
  • FREQUENT: Tests will usually be administered once or twice a week. 
  • RELIABLE: The test has very high reliability and approval from the FDA. 
  • FREE: There’s no charge to you or the District.
  • PEACE OF MIND: The test makes everyone in District 2 safer by helping us identify COVID-19 cases as early as possible.
  • SECURE: Test results are available only to the health staff and the school leadership. You can log on anytime to see your child’s results.

Click here to learn more and sign up for the SHIELD Illinois COVID screening program.