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STUDENT WORKING ON A ROBOT AT STEM CAMPJust because the school year is over doesn’t mean teaching and learning isn’t occurring in BSD2 schools. District 2 has offered a wide variety of exciting -- and FREE -- learning opportunities for students this summer. 

The District’s traditional summer school program was held in-person June 2-22 at W.A. Johnson School to support students in their progress in reading, writing and math. 

Along with its traditional summer school program, the District also offered its JumpStart and STEM enrichment programs. 

JumpStart provided incoming sixth graders -- Blackhawk Middle School’s Class of 2024 -- opportunities to acclimate to middle school by touring the building, learning the middle school schedule and procedures, meeting teachers, making new friends, gaining confidence before school starts!

Remote and in-person STEM Camps gave creative, problem-solving students in Grades 3-7 opportunities to explore, design, and create while learning. In-person programming included robot design with LEGO Mindstorms, coding with Scratch, Hour of Code and VEXcode, and logic and logic and critical thinking activities. Remote students also participated in hands-on activities by picking up materials like catapults, kites, towers, water slides and plastic bracelets, all of which allowed them to participate in a variety of synchronous and asynchronous engineering, logic and critical thinking activities.

Additionally, District 2 and two of its community partners -- Frida Community Organization and Opportunities for All -- came together to offer camp activities for the rest of the summer. 

The Frida Community Organization’s summer camp for students in Grades 2-5 give campers a chance to participate in fitness, yoga, LEGO, visual art and sports activities. Frida and District 2 also collaborated to provide fourth- and fifth-grade students opportunities to create a digital design to be wrapped around six village utility boxes. 

Opportunities for All offered the different camps for BSD23 students of different ages: “Language Learning Through the Arts” for students Grades 2--5, “Through My Sole Sneaker Design” for students in Grades 4-5, and Creative Writing Through Digital Media for students in Grades 6-8.