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FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT: Keep up the great work, and -- most importantly -- be well!

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UPDATED - March 31, 2020: Governor Pritzker has extended school closures and remote learning in Illinois through Thursday, April 30, in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. 


Everyone is welcome here. We celebrate each other. Take good care of one another. 
I belong! You belong! We belong here!

This past week, the entire BSD2 community showed its great heart!  We held each other up in circumstances no one has ever seen.

Next week, we are going to do it again. E-Learning and food distribution will both continue. The Governor’s stay-at-home order permits these two activities to proceed the same as before.

Student attendance was fantastic this week! More than 90 percent of our students in Grades 3-8 joined the first three days of E-Learning. In Grades PreK-2, a similar number have picked up their take-home learning bags.

Thank you, BSD2 parents, for that attendance!

Our wonderful teachers have reported that students are excited and imaginative and completely engaged. Thank you to our teachers for leading by example with such enthusiasm.

And thank you to our behind-the-scenes teams who have made E-Learning and food distribution possible.  Our food service staff, bus drivers and classroom aides delivered an amazing 5,300 meals this week!  All these other teams held us together all week: our technology team; our office staff from all our buildings; our custodial and maintenance crews; and our school and district leaders.

We’ll stay in touch with you. The Governor’s announcement gives us hope schools will reopen on April 8. But whatever happens, we’ll keep working together just like we have.

Keep up the great work, and -- most importantly -- be well! 


Dr. James Stelter
Superintendent of Schools
Bensenville School District 2