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FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT: Take care of yourself and others over this much-needed break

Image of BSD2 Stronger Together logo UPDATED - March 31, 2020: Governor Pritzker has extended school closures and remote learning in Illinois through Thursday, April 30, in order to slow the spread of COVID-19. 



Our second week of E-Learning is complete. Spring break is finally here, and while it will not be the break we envisioned, I hope it will be the break we all need.

Most importantly, we all need to continue our efforts to flatten the coronavirus curve. Please take care of yourself and others. Be safe and sanitary. Stay home as much as possible and enjoy this time with your family. Save lives. 

We also need to tend to our mental and emotional wellbeing, which can be difficult at a time like this. I hope you are finding safe, creative ways to connect with and check in on friends and family, and I hope you will reach out to them or to us if you need help.

I also hope a weeklong break from E-Learning will allow you to rest, relax, and return ready to continue teaching and learning on Monday, April 6. 

Our schools will still be closed then, and we will still be implementing our E-Learning program. While we are currently scheduled to reopen on Wednesday, April 8, we are also preparing for this closure to continue indefinitely.

If it does, the past two weeks have proven that we are committed to continuing to educate our children and provide for our families in need throughout this crisis. 

Today, that is foremost among the many reasons I’m proud to be part of the BSD2 community. Thank you for your incredible work, and take care of yourself and others over this much-need break.



Dr. James Stelter
Superintendent of Schools
Bensenville School District 2