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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Two cases produced no close contacts last week

BSD2 COVID Dashboard 9-3-21

Through three weeks, the District's layered mitigation efforts are proving successful at keeping COVID from spreading in its schools.

Although two students reported positive COVID test results last week - one from Tioga and one from Johnson - no close contacts were identified for either case.

Layered mitigation means using more than one safety precaution at the same time.

The District’s layered mitigation efforts include: 

  • masking
  • social distancing
  • washing hands
  • vaccination,
  • daily deep cleaning and disinfecting of our schools, 
  • availability of hand sanitizers, 
  • ionization through our air handlers, 
  • increased airflow in the buildings, 
  • screening and testing
  • staying home when sick  

We are confident that we can successfully provide in-person instruction for all of our students this year through our layered mitigation efforts and because we have more experience and knowledge about COVID and how it spreads.

All of us must commit to these layered mitigations; everyone will be safer for it.

Staff Vaccination Verification & COVID Testing Update

On Friday, September 3, the Governor extended the deadline for his August 26 executive order requiring all educational employees who have not provided proof of their COVID vaccination to submit to weekly COVID testing. This policy will now take effect the week of September 19.

District 2 is scheduled to begin SHIELD Illinois COVID testing that week. 

Staff who are not vaccinated will need to be tested every week through the SHIELD program. They will not be allowed to come to work until they submit a negative COVID test, and they will not be paid while they are absent.

Lost COVID Vaccination Cards

If you have lost your vaccination verification card, contact your vaccination provider or the health department in the county where you received your vaccination. 

Local COVID Vaccination Sites

Please consider getting vaccinated.