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STUDENT MEALS: Set up payments or apply for free or reduced-price program

All students were eligible last year for free meals under a federal COVID response program.

This year, free or reduced-price meals will be available ONLY to qualifying students, the same as before COVID.

This means the District will begin charging again for meals on the first day of the school year. Full-price student breakfasts will cost $1.75, and lunches will cost $3.30. (Reduced-price meals will cost 30 cents and 40 cents, respectively.)

Parents will receive letters explaining who is eligible for free and reduced-price meals. Families that qualified prior to COVID will have 30 days to submit applications for the program. Those who did not qualify prior to COVID will be asked to pay until their application is reviewed and approved.  

However, no student will go without a meal due to an inability to pay.