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CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: Positive diagnosis at Tioga produces five close contacts

5/11/21 BSD2 COVID Dashboard

Dear BSD2 Community,

A student attending Tioga School has tested positive for COVID. The student will remain away from the District until meeting requirements set by the state and county health departments. There were five close contacts in the classroom. They will remain in quarantine following health department guidance.

Everyone, please maintain COVID precautions like distancing and mask-wearing. DuPage County COVID rates are still substantial even though much improved in the past four weeks.

If you have symptoms, or are in contact with someone with symptoms, check our guide for when to stay home with illness.

  • Everyone with COVID symptoms is presumed to have COVID until a test shows otherwise, even vaccinated persons. Notify your school office immediately if you are symptomatic.
  • Vaccinated persons who were close contacts may still come to work unless symptoms develop.
  • All other persons who were close contacts should stay home and contact their school office.

 Total cases and quarantines are reported here on the District website.


James Stelter, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Bensenville School District 2