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COVID UPDATE: Here are the safety protocols that we will follow to start the school year

In compliance with health guidance, District 2 will:

  • continue all past cleaning practices.
  • continue to use air purifiers and ventilation systems.
  • promote staying up to date with vaccines.
  • provide optional weekly Shield Testing for all students and staff, and for sports teams/clubs.
  • recommend but not require masks (except in health offices, where they will be required).
  • reinforce proper hand washing/sanitizing.
  • continue to request that individuals that are ill stay home.

The District's protocols may change based on executive orders or future guidance from the health department.

District 2 will also ...

  • continue to maintain a COVID dashboard. However, the health department has discontinued this practice, so this data will only be as accurate as what is reported to the District.
  • safely reinstate field trips, concerts, and other events.
  • provide opportunities for students to wash/sanitize their hands frequently.
  • continue to send letters home to families if there is a positive case in their child's classroom.